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Bread Affair Birds & The Bees, Whole Grain & Honey

Birds & The Bees, Whole Grain & Honey

A Bread Affair

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The shining star of your next sandwich!

The Birds and the Bees uses whole grain (meaning the wheat-germ is added back in) with oat and barley flour, locally grown BC golden flax, and other whole grains. Made with a 10 year old levain and sweetened with just enough honey to make a delicious sandwich bread. The bread is delightfully moist and rich, with nutty flavours and texture of grain throughout. 

INGREDIENTS: whole grain soaker (organic whole oats, organic whole rye, organic whole wheat, organic whole flax), organic unbleached white flour, filtered mountain lake water, organic whole wheat, organic rye flour, honey, sea salt & yeast


British Columbia’s first certified Organic artisan bakery. 

A Bread Affair is owned and operated by master baker Tanya Belanger. After deciding to sell her successful Ontario-based technology company and family farm, Tanya packed up for Vancouver, looking for adventure. Once she arrived, she found one thing lacking: great bread.

It was then Tanya ventured down to California where she trained under Keith Giusto, a fourth generation renowned artisan baker who not only shared all the skills she needed to hone her craft, but also gave Tanya some of his sourdough starter. This starter or “mother dough” was developed from the skins of hand-picked white zinfandel grapes and harvested in Napa Valley in October 1986. It’s still going strong at A Bread Affair today. 

A Bread Affair is known for their wide selection of breads, with tongue-in-cheek names such as “Love at First Bite,” “The Birds and the Bees,” and “Three’s Company”. They have been on Granville Island since 2012 and locals love them for their hand-made breads, pastries and their passion and community spirit. 

The team at A Bread Affair have an excellent relationship with local certified organic farmers that produce the wheat they use for their breads, and source the majority of their ingredients from local farmers as well. This is because they are not trying to produce a Californian bread or an Ontario bread, they want to make breads that represent Vancouver. And for the Bread Affair team, community is everything - they love the community at the farmers markets, the chance to share their products and stories with others and try the freshest, most delicious produce. In true community spirit, their leftover bread is given to farmers and charities.

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