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The stock market chicken stock

Chicken Stock

The Stock Market

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A must-have for every home cook. 

There’s a reason why chicken stock serves as the base for many dishes - not only is it extremely nourishing, it is also very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of soups and sauces. The Stock Market’s Chicken Stock is the easiest way to cut corners without sacrificing the integrity of your dish. Taste the difference a homemade stock can make without having to do all that work yourself!

SIZE: 960ml
INGREDIENTS: water, chicken bones and/or whole chickens, onions, celery, leeks, carrots, fresh garlic, fresh parsley, thyme, bay leaves, black peppercorns, cloves, sea salt
STORAGE: delivered frozen; good in freezer for 6 months from date on label


Handcrafted foods, with a healthy dose of love.

The Stock Market has been serving the local Vancouver community and visitors to Granville Island since 1986, serving healthy, wholesome food made from scratch using local and fresh ingredients. The Stock Market’s popularity grew from their most requested soup- real chicken noodle- with all ingredients purchased fresh directly from the other vendors of the market.

Current Owner Ashley Jongsma remembers The Stock Market fondly from her childhood. At the time, Ashley and her parents lived in Ontario, but would visit her grandparents in Vancouver often. Trips to the market always included a stop at The Stock Market to buy soups, stocks and dressings. In 2004, Ashley moved to BC and found herself nostalgic for a taste of her youth, and visited then- owners Georges and Joanne Lefebvre. In 2010, she learned the couple were planning to retire. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Ashley picked up the phone to call her dad. She asked him if she should buy The Stock Market and he said “Absolutely”.

Today, executive chef Brian Fodor and his kitchen brigade create delicious products with no additives, preservatives or MSG using fresh, local, seasonal and free-range ingredients. On any given day, the shelves are bursting with at least 75 products – everything from its signature soups to gravies, dressings, pasta sauces and stocks. Everything at the Stock Market is handcrafted with a good dose of love. “The love and passion that goes into the food, I believe it really shows,” Ashley says. “All of our stocks and broths are our own...we even sell our soup stocks.”

At The Stock Market, it's food like grandma used to make.

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