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Wedge of Benton Brothers Comte 18 Month

Comte 18 Month, Charles Arnaud

Benton Brothers Fine Cheese

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Traditionally made artisan Comte, Napoleon would approve!

Third generation cheesemaker Charles Arnaud is part of a centuries old tradition of making impeccable Comte cheese. This Arnaud family matures their unpasteurized cow milk cheeses in deep underground tunnels at Fort des Rousses, built by Napoleon over 160 years ago. 

Over 18 months, this cheese develops a firm, dense texture, with a pleasant granular texture from crystallization. It’s aroma is subtly floral, nutty, with hints of honey and caramelization. The flavour is savoury and salty, rounding out with nuttiness, sweetness, and smoke, with delicate zing to finish. This Comte is a winner on a cheese board, and is one of the most versatile cheeses for wine pairing, we also enjoy it with a sip of sherry.

SIZE: 100g, unsliced


Engineer brothers turned cheesemongers, specializing in Artisan Cheese!

As the name suggests, this company is owned and operated by two brothers, Jonah and Andrew Benton. Both brothers studied engineering before falling in love with the cheese business. After Andrew graduated, he was looking for a job in his new field and his Dad suggested looking for another job in the meantime. Andrew ended up taking a position at a cheese shop (which his Dad approved of, thinking of the possibility of cheese discounts). As Andrew’s passion for cheese grew, he shared it with his brother, Jonah, who had been working as an Engineer for a couple years, and the rest is history.

After about a decade working in the cheese industry in Alberta and Ontario they relocated to Vancouver and started Benton Brothers Fine Cheese in 2007. They sell the highest quality artisan cheese from Canada and around the world. You will find these cheeses are often more complex in flavour as they are made by skilled cheesemakers with age-old recipes and without machinery. With the Brothers’ passion for all things food, wine, and cheese, it’s no wonder Benton Brother’s is a mainstay of the Granville Island Community.

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