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Jar of Maples' Butter

Maple Butter

Maples' Sugar Shack

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The delight of pure maple syrup, made spreadable.

Made fresh entirely out of maple syrup - the team at Maples’ boil, cool, then whip their pure maple syrup to give it a delightful texture. This smooth, sweet, and creamy spread is delectable on fresh bread, toast, or any baked good and is also known to be used as an icing or for glazing. 

SIZE: 260g
INGREDIENTS: Pure maple syrup (vegan & gluten free)


Pure maple syrup from single origin farms. 

For the last 20 years, owner, Patrick Demers, has been bringing the true flavours of maple syrup from the East to the West. He works directly with sugar makers of family farms in Ontario and transports their amber-coloured goodness to his facility in Squamish where he completes the inspection, filtering, grading and packaging. This extensive process guarantees that each bottle of maple syrup from Maples’ Sugar Shack is the highest quality single origin syrup available in British Columbia. Pick up a bottle today and taste the complex, unique and full flavour profile for yourself - we assure you, you’ll never go back to store-bought maple syrup again!

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