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Two bags of tea, Masala Chai Kit from Granville Island Tea Co, with some scooped out
Granville Island Tea Masala Chai Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Two bags of tea, Masala Chai Kit from Granville Island Tea Co, with some scooped out
Load image into Gallery viewer, Granville Island Tea Masala Chai Kit

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Rich Tanzania tea with a custom spice blend by Granville Island Tea!

Creating the perfect cup of spiced chai is an art, and Granville Island Tea Co. has it down. The recipe starts with Organic Tanzania Estate tea, a dark, malty brew. This tea is specially harvested in the Usambara district of Africa close to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Unlike the long pointed leaves of an orange pekoe tea, the fannings grade of this Tanzanian tea is finer cut, giving a denser infusion which is both darker and stronger. 

To make this flavourful tea into chai, the team at Granville Island Tea have created a custom spice mix of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, black pepper and other secret ingredients, mixed with milk powder and sugar. The combination of the strong, malty tea and warm, heady spices create a tea you’ll want to savour. Use their brewing trick- blooming the spices in butter- before adding it to the tea to bring out the most flavour!

SIZE: 50g loose leaf tea & 226g of chai mix. Contains caffeine.


Their passion for tea shines through in every bag!

Owners and married team Deb and Mark Mercier from Edmonton, Alberta both had successful white collar careers, but decided to hang up their suit-and-tie lives to make a change. Deb had been in love with tea all her life, and Mark would bring back tea from all over the world when he traveled for business. Their passion for tea led them to open up their own tea shop, Granville Island Tea Company in 1999. 

In the beginning, Deb and Mark were both hungry for more tea knowledge, and Mark sought a mentor (the president of a tea association) to study the ins and outs of the tea industry. His mentor taught Mark to trust his own instincts, listen to people, and understand their wants and needs. After years of studying and tasting thousands of teas, Deb and Mark believe there are no “good or bad” teas- it’s all about individual people and their preferences. They approach each customer with the challenge of finding the right tea for each person. 

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