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Vancouver Holiday Gift Baskets: A Guide to Exquisite Seasonal Gifting

We all love to shop local throughout the year and we also know that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifting, so why not combine the two? Create a holiday gift basket with local items from Vancouver retailers this gifting season. Your friends and family will be so pleased to receive such a thoughtful, personalized gift from you and will feel extra special and cared for. Plus, you might introduce them to their new favourite local item or inspire them to create their own local gift baskets. So, without further ado, here are our top recommendations for every holiday gift basket in Vancouver.

Antise Panettone Trio

Antise Panettone Bread with Oranges

Experience the holiday tradition with Antise Panettone, an artisanal Italian bread that combines rich flavors with a light, airy texture. Each Panettone is a culinary masterpiece, perfect for sharing the essence of festive celebrations with family and friends.

Limited Edition Holiday Northern Bars Box

Limited Edition Northern Bars Holiday Box in red and gold

Celebrate the season with the Limited Edition Holiday Northern Bars Box, where the classic Nanaimo Bar is reimagined into an extraordinary culinary treat. These artisanal, bite-sized delights from Northern Bars perfectly blend tradition with innovation, ideal for festive gifting or enjoying a uniquely Canadian confection.

Deluxe Charcuterie and Cheese Gift Basket

Deluxe charcuterie and cheese board from granville island delivery co

Indulge in the ultimate epicurean delight with our Deluxe Charcuterie and Cheese Gift Basket, featuring a luxurious selection of artisan cheeses and handmade charcuteries, paired with an array of preserves, pickles, and crackers.

The Smoking Cocktail Set

The smoking cocktail set from the modern bartender

Add a sophisticated twist to your holiday cocktails with The Smoking Cocktail Set. This sustainably sourced lumber set, crafted by local artisans, not only enhances the flavor of your drinks but also adds a visual flair, ideal for any mixology enthusiast.

Build-your-own Gourmet Pastry Box

A spread of pastries from Small Victory cafe for the holidays

Create a personalized culinary experience with our Gourmet Pastry Box, offering a selection of delectable pastries like Cinnamon Sugar Croissant Bites and Lemon Tarts, each celebrating exquisite taste and craftsmanship.

Hosting Essentials

holiday hosting essentials gift box from granville island delivery co

Simplify your hosting duties with the Hosting Essentials gift box, featuring a selection of local gourmet treats that add a touch of Canadian charm to any gathering, ensuring an enjoyable and stress-free event.

Granville Island Tea Gift Pack

Enhance your tea experience with our Granville Island Tea Gift Pack, including a variety of teas that offer unique and comforting brews.

Wellness Spa Box

wellness spa box from granville island delivery co

Relax and rejuvenate with the Wellness Spa Box, a thoughtfully curated collection of handmade essentials for a tranquil, spa-like experience at home.

Marquis Wine Club

multiple wine selections from marquis wine

Join the Marquis Wine Club for a monthly journey through rare and exquisite wines, complete with tasting notes and food pairing suggestions, perfect for any wine lover.

Festive Favorites Tasting Experience

festive favorites market tour from vancouver foodie tours

Immerse yourself in the holiday magic with our Festive Favorites Market Tour. Explore seasonal flavors and artisanal charm on Granville Island – a perfect blend of culinary delights and unique shopping experiences.

Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Knife Set

collection of fine knives

Experience unparalleled craftsmanship with the Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Knife Set, blending traditional swordsmithing techniques with modern culinary precision to elevate every kitchen experience.

Rejuvenating Wellness Spa

outdoor spa with hot tub and nature

Embark on a transformative journey at Circle Wellness Spa, a unique sanctuary in Vancouver combining ancient wellness rituals with modern technology for a deeply personal spa experience.

Macaron Tower

Bon Macaron macaron tower or tree

Surprise your loved ones with a stunning Macaron Tower from Bon Macaron. Each macaron is a masterpiece of flavor, perfect for a festive and elegant holiday gift.

Assemble your own Gift Basket with Locally Made Art

Circle Market Holiday Christmas Market

Explore British Columbia's unique artistry at the Circle Craft flagship store on Granville Island, supporting local artisans and their exquisite craftsmanship.

Ultimate Holiday Chocolate Gift Box

Holiday Box Chocolates Thomas Haas

Indulge in the Ultimate Holiday Chocolate Gift Box from Thomas Haas, a luxurious collection embodying a century of artisanal excellence in chocolates, truffles, and baked delights.

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