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Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Who Already Live Together

Wedding Ideas for couples who already live together

Finding the perfect wedding gift for the couple who has already been living together for a while…it’s such a common quandary, isn’t it? In fact, recent research on American families shows that nearly 75% of couples share a home before they get married. This scenario is by far the norm.

But what does a couple that has cohabitated for years even need? They’ve already bought their own furniture, kitchenware, and décor. Aren’t you just going to burden them with things they don’t need if you go the conventional wedding present route? Maybe a simple financial gift is best?

Yet, you don’t want to let this incredibly special occasion pass without giving them something intentional! After all, research shows that when a gift is perceived as thoughtful, it means so much more to the recipient. An envelope stuffed with bills—even a lot of them— just doesn’t quite hit the mark.

That’s why we’ve created this list of ideas for thoughtful wedding gifts for cohabitating couples. (As experts on gifting, we think about this sort of thing all the time!)

An Experience They Can Share

What does your couple like to do together? Or what would they like to do together? Try out hang-gliding? Kayaking? Snorkeling? What about a food tour?

When you gift an experience, it shows that you know what this couple is all about. You know what makes them tick. You’ve talked with them—or taken the time to talk to others who know them well—and understand what they’re interested in.

An Upgrade of Something They Already Own

Now, this is a delicate one. After all, just because you think something the couple owns could be upgraded doesn’t mean that they’ll agree. Again, this requires a certain level of closeness to them. What do they complain about? What do they dream about?

A Wedding Gift Basket that Reflects Who They Are

Getting a wedding gift basket is always great because it’s a tangible gift. But you shouldn’t just get any old fruit basket. Get something that’s customized to your couple’s interests and passions. For example, a wedding gift basket that’s filled with local artisanal foods is ideal for the foodie couple in your life. (Pssst…we happen to have some right here!)

A Personalized Perishable Gift  

This is the kind of gift that reflects major intention and thoughtfulness but doesn’t end up becoming unwanted clutter in the couple’s home. Like, how about a bottle of champagne with their names and the date of their wedding? Talk about wow factor!

Even if this couple has lived together for a while, their decision to tie the knot is well worth celebrating with a thoughtful, tangible gift. It can be so tricky to come up with ideas, but hopefully this list has fired up your imagination. Remember that simply talking to the couple or to people who know them well can give you all the intel you need to do it right.

Here’s to love for a lifetime!

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