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We make it easy to show you care.
Build & strengthen your business relationships by leveraging thoughtful gifting. Our local artisan gifts are built to impress. Perfect for Clients, Team Rewards, Events, and more.

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Celebrate Your VIPs: Artisanal Gifting Made Easy

In today’s busy world of ever-growing responsibilities, it's essential to stand out, to be remembered, and to genuinely connect. We understand that in today's fast-paced environment, celebrating the people who make a difference in your business often gets overshadowed by hectic schedules. But what if you could effortlessly show your appreciation, strengthen your relationships, and also boost your happiness?

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Why Choose Granville Island Delivery Co?


We specialize in artisanal gifts that resonate. Every box we curate is a perfect blend of quality, emotion, and craftsmanship, ensuring your recipient feels genuinely cherished.


We know how busy you are. Simply reach out, let us guide you, and we deliver – all while you bask in the gratitude and appreciation from those you’ve thoughtfully gifted.


We have helped many people just like you send beautiful, thoughtful gifts that make recipients feel valued and appreciated.


1. Reach Out: Click the button below.
2. Select Quality Gifts: Share your needs and let our experts help in choosing the ideal gift.
3. Schedule & Relax: Set a delivery date, and leave the magic to us.

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The Positive Change Awaits

🌟 Solidify Your Leadership: Elevate above the rest with thoughtful gestures.
🌟 Foster Trust: A thoughtful gift is a building block of lasting relationships.
🌟 Exemplify Generosity: Offer gifts that truly make a difference.
🌟 Uplift Your Happiness: Experience the joy of giving and its uplifting effects on your well-being.
🌟 Strengthen Community Bonds: By choosing us, you're also supporting local artisans, boosting your image as a community leader.

Why Settle for Less?

Without our touch, you might face:

Impersonal Gestures: Generic gifts that fail to impress.
Wasted Resources: Both time and money down the drain on gifts that don't resonate.
Missed Opportunities: To genuinely connect, celebrate, and show appreciation.

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Transform From Feeling

Overwhelmed ➡️ Confident
Unsure ➡️ Proud
Stressed ➡️ Organized
Guilty ➡️ Thoughtful & Generous

Granville Island Delivery Co is not just about gifting; it's about shaping experiences, nurturing relationships, and creating memories. As Michelle, our passionate founder says, "It's all about cultivating connections through joy and gratitude." Let us help you do just that.

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