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The Top Milestones You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Celebrating: Your Ultimate Checklist

From new births to closed deals, these are the milestones to celebrate in your colleagues and loved ones’ lives  

Your Ultimate Checklist to Milestones worth Celebrating- with local vancouver gifts

In ancient days, the Romans used to place stone pillars beside roadways, each a mile apart. You knew where you were and how far you had come when you looked at the number on these milestones. We like how these ancient pillars have become metaphors for recognizing change, progress, and transformation in our lives. Nowadays, a milestone like a birthday or a wedding occurs whether anything physical is there to mark it. But doesn’t it make sense to celebrate these occasions with something tangible and real?

That’s why we’ve created this checklist for staying on top of the crucial milestones in your loved ones’, colleagues’, and clients’ lives. These personal and professional occasions call for special recognition, and in our humble opinion, there are few things as special as a thoughtfully curated gift. (And when that gift is included in a custom illustrated box that can become a keepsake holding the memory of the milestone? You really can’t lose!)

So, without further ado, here they are in alphabetical order (along with a few suggestions for especially appropriate local gift baskets, all featuring work by artisans based in Vancouver and nearby):

Anniversaries, Marriage

Whether it’s your own spouse or a colleague’s marriage anniversary, it makes sense to mark what for many is one of life’s biggest milestones. (Pssst, if it’s for your spouse, we recommend this Charcuterie & Cheese box; it’s a delectable and romantic experience you can have together.)

Charcuterie & Cheese Gift Box

Anniversaries, Work

Have you got any team members who are coming up to, let’s say, a decade with the company? They deserve to be celebrated for their commitment!

Births & Adoptions

Of course, births and adoptions top most people’s lists of milestones. (And we have curated the perfect Vancouver gift basket for the occasion with our Ultimate Baby Bliss box. Wait until you see the tiny kimonos.)  

Local Baby Gift from Granville Island Delivery Co.


Birthdays are likely another no-brainer. But you should bear in mind that the following birthdays hold special cultural and spiritual significance:

  • Bar Mitzvah, or a Jewish boy’s 13th birthday  
  • Bat Mitzvah, or a Jewish girl’s 13th birthday
  • Quinceañera, or a Latina girl’s 15th birthday
  • Quinceañero, or a Latino boy’s 15th birthday


Not every milestone is a happy one, but isn’t that all the more reason to show support with a thoughtful gift? After all, did you know that receiving a gift boosts all the neuro-chemicals a person needs to feel happy and connected?

Closed Deals

If you’re a real estate agent, helping your clients celebrate a closed deal goes a long way towards cementing your status as a star service-provider. (Plus, the Luxe Home box will help them to fill their new home with beautiful, meaningful, and useful gifts.)


If your loved one or colleague puts in the time to achieve this, it’s not hard to put in the effort to celebrate it.


There are few occasions as electric and hopeful as a product launch. You want your gift to be part of the excitement.


How can you tell someone “job well done”? Especially when it’s a job they’ve devoted their life to? It’s a big deal and so worth celebrating.

New Careers

Marking the start of something as life-defining as a new career with a gift makes all sorts of sense.  


Promotions can bring on a real mixture of emotions—joy, pride, worry about “being enough”. When you mark the occasion with a gift—especially when the person being promoted is your employee—it’s a way of saying, “I believe in you.”

Wedding Engagements

Increasingly, wedding engagements are becoming something people want to specially celebrate, with photoshoots, dinners, and the works. You don’t want to miss being part of that.  


Weddings are such a monumentally important occasion that we say giving a gift is a great idea even if you can’t attend the event. (For this milestone, the Luxe Home box provides the right touch of domestic bliss.)

Home Gift Vancouver

We hope this list helps you stay on top of the incredibly important milestones you want to celebrate. Whether it’s for a colleague, an employee, a client, or a loved one, giving helps make the occasion what it is: an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime event.


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