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3 Reasons Giving Wellness Gifts Makes so Much Sense in the Wintertime

Quick…how can you tell that it’s winter without looking outside or at the calendar? How about the glum expressions on everyone’s faces, or the fact that every second person is coughing and sneezing? There’s no doubt about it: winter can be a slog. That’s why giving a local gift basket—and, in particular, a wellness gift—during these dark winter months makes all the sense in the world. Here are three reasons why we believe it’s a no-brainer way we can take care of each other during a challenging time.


Giving and receiving releases feel-good, health-boosting chemicals

Turns out, both giving and receiving a gift promotes chemical changes that support happier moods and healthier bodies.

Givers and receivers alike can enjoy a shot of serotonin, the mood-regulating chemical that anti-depressants are designed to increase. They also get a release of dopamine, the all-round “feel good” chemical our brains create when we’re having a great time. And finally, gifts boost oxytocin, a neurochemical that’s typically released when people cuddle. In addition to bonding us together, oxytocin actually helps the body to heal faster during times of sickness or injury.

So…gifts are gateways to boosted moods, feelings of bonding, and faster healing times? This is exactly what everybody needs a lot more of in the wintertime!

Deluxe Wellness Home Spa

A wellness gift is the best way ever to support a sick loved one

Winter isn’t called “cold and flu season” for nothing. There are two reasons why this season makes so many of us ill. First, cold weather keeps us all inside longer, increasing opportunities to infect each other, typically with respiratory illnesses. Second, colder temperatures and lower humidity create ideal conditions for viruses to live longer.

At any rate, most of your loved ones are going to have at least a few difficult episodes of sickness in the winter. How can you show them love and support? Want an extremely easy, high impact way? We can’t think of anything better than sending them this local gift basket. It’s filled with wellness gifts sourced from local artisan makers in Vancouver or nearby. And it’s designed to provide comfort and healing. A Bath Soak? Hygge candle? Ginger Lemon Tea? Yes, please. These incredibly thoughtful gifts make a hard time that much easier. (You can send a slightly scaled down version of this wellness gift basket here.)



It’s a way of being together without getting together

The winter is often a lonely, busy time. You don’t have the parties, the barbeques, or the warm, drawn-out summer evenings made for impromptu get-togethers. In fact, research shows that we are less likely to be sociable during the dreary, darker months. A study launched by Chinet reveals that 35% of people are more likely to avoid socializing in the winter versus the summer. And 3 in 10 people say they only attend one or two social events during the average winter month.

Given that we’re more likely to be lonely in the winter, a thoughtfully curated gift is a wonderful way to break through the isolation. Whether it’s for a loved one you haven’t seen lately, a colleague who’s working remotely, or just someone you want to support, giving builds connections. It’s a powerful way to show that you’re with them, even when you’re not physically with them.

Make wintertime a season of wellness, connection, and love. Giving a wellness gift is one of the easier ways to do it. It’s a gesture of support that makes everybody healthier and happier.

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