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We make it easy to show you care.
Build & strengthen your business relationships by leveraging thoughtful gifting. Our local artisan gifts are built to impress. Perfect for Clients, Team Rewards, Events, and more.

Free shipping within Vancouver for purchases of $99 or more, or $10 off shipping for Greater Vancouver.

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Seamless Gift Scheduling Service: Delight with Every Milestone

Transform the Art of Gifting into Lasting Connections

Welcome to Granville Island Delivery Co., where we revolutionize the way you appreciate and connect with your team and clients. Based in the heart of Vancouver, we specialize in crafting memorable gifting experiences that foster stronger relationships.

Why Schedule Gifts? The Granville Island Delivery Difference

Effortless Planning, Unforgettable Impact

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Stay Ahead of Every Occasion

Our unique gift scheduling service ensures you're always prepared for every milestone. Christmas, birthdays, work anniversaries, or special achievements – we have it all covered.

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Personalized for Perfection

Each gift is handpicked and tailored to resonate with its recipient, creating a personal touch that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Consistency in Care

Regular gifting demonstrates consistent appreciation and thoughtfulness, reinforcing strong, ongoing relationships with your team and clients.

Save Time, Amplify Impact


Hassle-Free Experience:
Say goodbye to last-minute rushes. Our team works with you to plan and schedule gifts throughout the year, ensuring timely, stress-free delivery.


Build Brand Presence:
Each gift is an opportunity to subtly reinforce your brand’s values and commitment to excellence.


Cost-Effective Strategy:
Planning ahead with scheduled gifting can be more cost-effective than sporadic, last-minute purchases.

Our Process: Tailoring Your Gifting Journey


Consultation & Customization

Connect with our gifting experts to outline your gifting calendar and preferences.


Curated Selections

Choose from an exquisite range of artisanal gifts, sourced from the finest local artisans.


Feedback & Adaptation

We value your feedback to refine and personalize the experience further.


Scheduling & Logistics

We handle all the details, from scheduling to delivery, ensuring each gift arrives perfectly on time.

Ready to Elevate Your Gifting Game?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how Granville Island Delivery Co. can transform your corporate gifting strategy into an engine of appreciation and connection. Let's make every milestone a memorable celebration of your brand's commitment to excellence and relationship-building.

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